USS Noxubee AOG56

A Tribute To Those That Served

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Lost Contacts
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               Memory Lane

Cold War I

Vietnam War 1965-1969

Cold War II

     Hank Henderson
    1.  A New Ship
    2.  We Set The Tone
    3.  A Mug Of Whiskey

     4.The Cribbage Board

     Jack Conover
1.  Noxubee 1950

       Tom Hayes
1.  Always On The Go
     2.  Far Away Places
     3.  Music Music Music

      Dick Barber
    1.  The Skipper
     2.  The Galley
     3.  The Alien Creature
     4.  The Dungaree Navy
     5.  1951 Cruise Book
     6.  The Ship's Cook
     7.  Battling Hurricane Able
     8.  Mac
     9.  Man Overboard
     10. Noxubee Tails
     11. My Deck Court-martial
     12. Larnaca, Cyprus

   James Claughton
1.  My Early Noxubee Story

   Darrell Middelton
    1.  The signalman

   Lowell McDaniel
1.  Short Tour of Duty

    Mac McKeever
    1.  My Noxubee Memories

       Jerry Zentz
    1.  My First Ship

      James Hales
    1.  Noxubee Memories

    Paul Gryniewicz
    1.  Disaster At Sea
     2.  Noxubee Spirit
     3.  Lost At Sea

        Bob Wood
    1.  My Years, 1955-1957
2.  1955 - 1956 Ports of Call

        Jan Scott
    1.  About My Father, 
                    Richard J. Dermody

     Dave Johnson
    1.  Noxubee Stories

      Larry Potts
    1.  I Helped Bury the Noxubee

     Wayne Kent
    1.  First Decommissioning

     Dick and Jim
  Ships Newsletter
    1.  The Gas Line


          Joe Pogan
   1.  Great Times and Great Guys
    2.  Family Gram July 1967
    3.  Twice a Marine, Always a Sailor

       Gary Harger
    1.  Painting the Shrouds
    2.  The Plank Owner Story
    3.  Skating

       Don Spence
1.  The Admiral's Flag
     2.  The Sea Bat Encounter
     3.  Rough Seas and No Water
     4.  Battle Stations

     Janey Spence
   1.  New Navy Wife

     Derrel Meyer
    1.  Remembering Dick Sperback

       Tom Weaver
    1.  Two AOG Sailor

         Rik Kuhn
    1.  It's Really Fun To Be An Ensign
    2.  Refresher Training–The 1st Time
    3.  Bits and Pieces
    4.  More Bits and Pieces
    5.  Refresher Training–The 2nd Time

      George Hahn
    1.  Good Times
    2.  The V W Bus

      Richard Bland
    1.  Noxubee Rescues Helo Crew

       Wally Barsell
    1.  Survivor
    2.  The Sky Hook and Other Stories
    3.  Noxubee Rescues Man Off Oahu

      Gordon Delp
    1.  Not Your Ordinary Supply Run
    2.  Motorcycle Accident

         Ray Willis
    1.  New Recruit
     2.  My Vietnam War

     Marvin Knebel
    1.  Selected Recollections

     Paul Gryniewicz
    1.  A Long Trip Home
    2.  Incoming!
    3.  Mine!

     Michael Border
    1.  Mud Brown Radio Shack

  Images of Vietnam
    1.  Cua Viet Images 1
    2.  Cua Viet Images 2

          Jim Van Sant
    1.  An XO's Recollections

       Doug Prettyman
    1.  Dead In The Water

         Greg Loney
    1.  Navy Days and Navy Nights

         Dudley Cass
    1.  Family Gram October 1970

         Ray Willis
1.  The Great Water Fight
    2.  Random Memories

         Paul Gryniewicz
    1.  "The Times They Are A Changin"
    2.  Cold War Ops
    3.  Ship of the Month
    4.  Noxubee's Tank Deck Band
    5.  Life Aboard an AOG
    6.  Unrep
    7.  Flight Ops

            Ray Ledenican
    1.  Priority 3

         Dan Mass
    1.  HOG-56
    2.  Spanish Riviera Skinny Dippin'

        Charlie Milhulka
    1.  A View of the Noxubee
    2.  Ode To A Short Timer
    3.  Med Cruise Book

     Steve Corneliussen
    1.  Three Star Noxubee Story Updated
          to Four Star

         John Bushore
    1.  A Lesson in Ship Handling
    2.  D-Day

         Tom Basham
    1.  The Last Doc

         Jim Winski
    1.  The Final Days of the USS Noxubee

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