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I reported to the U. S. S. Noxubee, in June of 1952, for duty. I had been on the U.S.S. Maury AGS 16 in the Persian Gulf for two years. The one picture that is still clear in my mind to-day is when I walked down that pier at the ShipYard in Boston Mass. and their on my right hand side of the pier was the Noxubee covered with Gray Paint, Rust and RED LEAD. I also remember that I though to myself that I was thankful that I was not on the Deck Gang. I was at that time an EM3, and my job was yet concealed below deck.

Some of my other memories were gathering in the Mess Hall watching that Black and White TV (when it worked) with some of the programs that today we would not care to watch as adults, We would say that they are for children. I also remember one time a bunch of us had to go to another place in the Ship Yard and we had for transportation a Jeep, It was one of those typical Boston winter days of cold, wet and windy. When we arrived at our destination, fourteen of us pilled off or from within the jeep. An Officer was standing near the Jeep and he told us to all climb back into or on the jeep, which we could not all get back into the jeep.

As an Electrician, it always seemed that while we were under way that the Running Lights needed attention because they were not working properly. Then when we were in port the pre-heaters on the Motor Whale Boats were not working and it was always on that cold day.

Time has made the names of the crew dim in my mind, but I do remember camaraderie and the friendship. I had expected to serve a longer tour of duty in the dungaree Navy on the Noxubee, but in May of 1953, I got orders to report the NEXT DAY to the Naval Research Lab. in Washington. DC. In those days you were given several months notice of a transfer as in the Navy today. So the loving crew was their to help me prepare to leave the ship. It was in the afternoon when my orders were given me, so I had to leave in a matter of a few hours, As my orders were being typed, I showered, and the SHIPMATES packed my Sea Bag.

So off to Providence, RI I went to catch the train to Washington, DC Upon arrival I was informed that my ship the USS EPECR 51 ( an Electronic Research Ship ) was in Key West, FL. So off I went to Key West, New London, the finally to Norfolk before I finally caught up with the ship. All this time I never had time to unpack my Sea Bag and find out what a wonderful and caring crew was on the Noxubee. After I had lugged my Sea Bag up and down the East Coast for about two weeks I discovered. They had given me a token of their love to remember them by, it was a piece of lead about a foot long and about four inches in diameter packed in the middle and toward the bottom of the bag..