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About My Father, Richard J. Dermody

submitted by: Jan Scott

May 6, 2002

Jan Scott
17890 Tallgrass Ct.
Noblesville, IN 46060

Dear Mr. Scott,

I recently received your card inquiring about my father, Richard J. Dermody. Sadly, I have to report that my father died on March 13, 1999.

The Noxubee was probably my father's favorite ship. He had a number of photos of the ship displayed in his house, and often spoke of the various cruises the ship made during his tour aboard her. After the Noxubee, my father went on to staff duty at Navy OCS, XO of the USS Hissem (DER 400), admiral's staff out of Newport and eventually command of the USS Fred T. Berry (DD 858) and an extended tour in Vietnam. After Vietnam he went to staff duty in Washington, DC at the Naval Personnel Command (no good deed goes unpunished, he used to say) and his last duty station was as Deputy Chief of the US Naval Observatories, Washington, DC. He retired from the Navy as a Commander in 1972, having served 32 years.

After retirement my family lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where my father worked and continued to carve eagles, and lots of other types of birds. He carved almost up to the day he died. Those shipmates aboard the Noxubee, who knew my father, would probably remember his wood carving. I once worked with a retired admiral in DC who told me he met a destroyer CO in Vietnam with the same name as mine who, he noticed, had wood chips on his uniform - he asked if I was related. With the wood chips mentioned, I knew at once that it was my father.

I wish you and the other shipmates from the Noxubee the best.


Richard J. Dermody, Jr.