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By James Hales


First how I came to find the Noxubee website. I was setting up my computer and getting on line through AOL I was going to use Noxubee as my password, AOL rejected it. My brother said go line and search on line and that how found the WEB PAGE.

I join the navy 1952, went boot camp in San Diego Ca. After boot camp I was transferd to the Noxubee with three other guys and I was in-charge of the draft. The names of the three are Robert H. Evans SA, Melvin L Raily SA, and Granville Shepherd SA. What I remember about Raily was that he had been issued a set of brand new false teeth in boot camp. While at the San Diego airport waiting flight to Boston Mass. we all went to get a hamburger at the counter. Raily could not get used to his new teeth, so he took them out, layed on the counter and gumed his hamburger. When the waitress came by and saw the teeth laying there all she could do was just walked away and shake her head.

James Hales I worked the tank deck under BM2 Parks and Leadseaman Reposa. At that time Reposa had about 8 to10 years in the Navy and was still a Seaman. Some years later I saw him again and he had finally made BM2.

I did serve as bow hook few times . One time I remeber is in the Azores when the sea's was very rough, the ship signaled for us to stay put . So we stayed inside harbor all that day before we went back. Another time in the Med. at Guft Jaun France the CO. wanted to go ashore about 8:00 PM at night. Captain Dunham said to stay there untill he came back . He came back all right but drunk at about 4:00 AM that morning. We were wet, cold and hungry with no head except the beach.

Names I remmber are A.C. Dunham Lieutenant Commander he was mustang having come up through the ranks. The other officers are A.G. Ryan LTJG, Arnold Block LTJG. Enlisted men are Ethridge CS3, C.W. Laudeman ET2 , E.S.Hoggarr SN, and G.G.Bedwell SN.

Bedwell and I became good friends, we got transered to DAM NECK , Virginia together. But over the years we Iost touch and I would like find him. This all I can think of now .

I did became a cook, a CS3, but changed rates by way of theNavy STAR program. and became MR2. I left the Navy after 13 years on the U.S.S. Pocono AGC-16. I had 12 years of good conduct . My wife and I moved to Durham, N.C. in 1965. I could tell you more about the Noxubee, but writting is not may bag, I can talk to you better than I can write. But I tell you more later. Thank You All.